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Bleach - Ichigo Pondering

Friends Only [Last Edited January 30th, 2011]

Yeah, another friends only journal, sorry. Comment here and friend me and more than likely I'll add you back, as long as I don't know you in real life (sorry real life people, but feel free to friend me on Facebook!).


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Well, two out of three rules are alright,
nice banner.
Love the banner, Tyler. Props to it's creator

Would never diss any of the above, it all seems cool.
Props on the banner, I'm diggin it. And of course I totally agree with your rules so there's no problem here.
You're already a friend. :D
hi. it's ally. from 667. add me as a friend?
Ah, Ally! I haven't talked to you in so long...

Okay! (:
I'm from 667...same username. ^^ *Adds you*
Okay. (:

Sure thing. (:
hey add me? i saw you from _kool_losers_ and a series of unfortunate events is just awesome.




Love The Magnetic Fields

Add me and we can compare notes, if you wish.

Re: Love The Magnetic Fields

Heh, I did. (:
Add me...add me...I ish CWM from 667 :D
Heh, okay. (:
hi this is klaus-zach-ponygirl whatever.

whats goin on man?
Added. (:


Hey, just wondering

Are you the same Tyler Quagmire as in Fanfiction.net? You know--or do you--with Quagmire Island and Duncan's Diary? If so, then I reviewed you--my name was Violet Baudelaire or Violet L Baudelaire. Please view my ASoUE FAQ site at: http://www.angelfire.com/fang/violetbaudelaire/Unfortunate--and if possible join up at my chatroom.
Violet Baudelaire

Re: Hey, just wondering

Yeah, that's me, though I deleted my account.
I was browsing through communities and what not and found your journal. will you add me pwease? :)

Jenni ♥
Uh... do I know you?

you know who should add me (back)?
you should.
Ah, the admin of the rating community.
Hi, i like The series of unfortunate events, The magnetic fields, dashboard confessional & evanescence.. I'm going to add you, add me back?
Ah, I saw you on lots of my friend's friends pages...
You are recieving this comment because you were on the friends list of plastiquex. A no good, disturbed individual got ahold of my password and changed my email and password, and I can no longer log into the account. So I made this. It would be very much appreciated if you added this journal. Thank you very much.
That sucks. :/

Clem from 667

add me will you?

Re: Clem from 667


What happened to you at 667? Everybody else knows but me...
so many people comment on here...hmmm...uhhh cool lj. i like the whole zebra theme when ppl comment. very...cool. uhh i got this from jenni's lj! so uhh i guess...add me
Thanks. (:

added you to my friends list
I feel special. :D

Add me!

Add me! I'm currybabe! I've already added youto my friend!

Re: Add me!

Oh! You're that, um... person!
Please add me! I'm new! Please...
Same person as you know who...

Added. (:
Hey. I read some of your stories on ff.net. They're good. My pen name is Violet Aiken there. I added you. Add me back?

Add me as well! I've friend you~
I would just like to thank you for your support on the whole issue, it means a great deal to me. :]
Sorry I'm late.

Welcome. (:
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